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1 the process of gradually becoming inferior
2 a gradual decrease; as of stored charge or current [syn: decline]
3 the organic phenomenon of rotting [syn: decomposition]
4 an inferior state resulting from the process of decaying; "the corpse was in an advanced state of decay"; "the house had fallen into a serious state of decay and disrepair"
5 the spontaneous disintegration of a radioactive substance along with the emission of ionizing radiation [syn: radioactive decay, disintegration]


1 lose a stored charge, magnetic flux, or current; "the particles disintegrated during the nuclear fission process" [syn: disintegrate, decompose]
2 fall into decay or ruin; "The unoccupied house started to decay" [syn: crumble, delapidate]
3 undergo decay or decomposition; "The body started to decay and needed to be cremated"

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  1. A deterioration of condition or plaque on ones teeth.


  • Czech: rozklad, rozpad
  • French: déchéance
  • Russian: распад


  1. To deteriorate, to get worse, to lose strength or health, to decline in quality.
  2. To rot, To go bad.


  • Arabic: ,
  • Dutch: vervallen, in verval raken, verloederen
  • Russian: портиться (pórtit’s’a)
  • Spanish: deteriorarse
  • Turkish: fenalaşmak
  • Dutch: verrotten, slecht worden
  • Russian: разлагаться (razlagát’s’a), гнить (gnit’)
  • Turkish: çürümek

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Decay may refer to:
decay in Czech: Rozpad
decay in Russian: Распад

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ablate, ablation, atomization, atomize, atrophy, biodegradability, biodegradation, break down, break up, breakup, canker, caries, carrion, catalysis, catalyst, collapse, come apart, consume, contaminate, corrode, corrosion, corrupt, corruption, crack up, crumble, crumble into dust, crumbling, curdle, dandruff, debilitate, decadence, decline, decompose, decomposition, decrease, defile, degenerate, degeneration, degradability, degradation, deteriorate, deterioration, dialysis, dilapidate, dilapidation, diminish, disintegrate, disintegration, disjoin, disjunction, disorganization, disorganize, dissociation, dissolution, dissolve, downfall, dry rot, dwindle, ebb, enfeeble, erode, erosion, excrement, fading, failing, fall into decay, fall to pieces, ferment, fester, filth, fission, foul matter, foulness, furfur, gangrene, go bad, go off, go to pieces, go to pot, go to seed, hydrolysis, hydrolyst, incoherence, mess, mildew, mold, molder, mortification, mortify, mould, moulder, muck, mucus, necrose, necrosis, obscenity, ordure, oxidation, oxidization, perish, photolysis, pollute, pus, putrefaction, putrefy, putresce, putrescence, putrid matter, putridity, putridness, rancidity, rancidness, rankle, rankness, ravages of time, resolution, rot, rottenness, rotting, ruin, rust, sap, scurf, scuz, slime, slough, smut, snot, sordes, sour, sphacelate, sphacelation, sphacelus, split, splitting, spoil, spoilage, suppurate, taint, thermolysis, tooth decay, turn, undermine, wane, waste away, wasting, weaken, weakening, wear, wear and tear, wear away, wither, work, wreck
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